Who Says There’s Nowhere To Swim In Fargo?


July is a hot month. August is hotter. When things heat up, nothing feels more refreshing than jumping into a lake.

Unfortunately, this luxury doesn’t exist in close proximity to Fargo-Moorhead unless you’re willing to take your chances against the Red’s notoriously strong current. Thankfully, there are a few alternatives.

Here is a list of “taking a dip” options for the days when the drive to a lake is unforeseeable. Although they don’t hold a candle to an actual lake, they provide an extremely generic way to cool down and have some summer fun.

1.) Outdoor Pools
For just a few Washingtons, you can buy your way through the gates of the one of the area’s outdoor pools. Some facilities have diving boards, splash pads, waterslides – even concessions!

2.) The nearest department store
The foot-deep plastic pools were more than good enough when you were a kid. Granted, a lot has changed in the last 20+ years, but you’re sweating, it’s humid, and you’re desperate. Invest in a kiddie pool, turn on the garden hose and enjoy!

3.) Rose Creek
Hole #9 on Rose Creek Golf Course is the perfect setting to work on your stroke – backstroke, that is. The extravagant fountain is essential to creating a relaxing atmosphere for kicking back. Watch for golf clubs, as certain golfers may deem you unwelcome in the waters.

4.) Thunder Road
The volcano at Thunder Road provides a nice venue to cool off during a game of putt-putt, especially if the putt-putters in front of you are putt-puttering. At dusk, the West side of the volcano provides an excellent view of the sunset while you soak in the spa-like grounds.

5.) North Dakota State University
Located in the center of the campus, this man-made stream is quite the place for a mid-summer splishy splash! Swimmers be warned: this isn’t your typical luxurious beach. You may have some rapids to fight due to the stream’s 1-foot waterfall, and the rocks may be rough on your toes. However, the campus is beautiful and the sound of trickling water is utmost refreshing. In addition, the students are welcoming – they might even join you! Don’t forget an extra pair of water wings.

6.) The Depot
The NP Depot off of Main Avenue doesn’t provide much depth, but talk about location, location, location! This landmark, located in downtown Fargo, is one of the hottest spots in town… perfect for a quick dip!

Note: some of these sites have yet to be put to the test. However, before you complain of the suggestions being unwarranted, please note that they’re top-notch options in comparison to submerging yourself in the nearest body of water, the infamous Rippin’ Red.

Disclaimer: Don’t be spotted swimming in facilities mentioned in listings 3-6 or you may find yourself in some “hot water,” defeating the initial purpose.

Shootin’ the Wit is a column about everyday life that should never, ever be taken too seriously.