Winter Driving Lessons

This winter weather seems to bring out the best of the worst drivers in the area. Perhaps you have come across –  or got stuck behind –  a few bad drivers recently. Maybe you haven’t, in which case you are probably a bad driver, the hottest hot button for 95% of our community.  If you…
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They Still Play That Song?

Everyone has a certain style music they enjoy most.  Some people even claim to enjoy all types of music. While that’s cute and everything, there are a few songs that I have a hard time believing everyone “enjoys” unless it’s put to comparison with flossing their teeth with a shoestring. Here are a few songs…
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Embarrassing Parents

Few things are as memorable as how embarrassing your parents used to seem. It used to be mortifying to even be seen with your parents – as if all the other kids grew from a special plant in their backyard.