Women In Business

Each year, I get the honor of interviewing and writing stories about some of the area’s most interesting, successful women.

“Women in Business” is on my top 5 list of favorite publications to compile for The Forum. Every year, a select few of Fargo’s successful women open their door to prove it’s possible to make a living doing what you love. These businesswomen demonstrate dedication, hard work and yet aren’t too busy to schedule an interview to talk about their achievements.

Shanna Lee of SHANNALEE (www.shannalee.com) came to the front of her boutique to meet for an interview. She interrupted my skimming through the inspirational books and uplifting greeting cards and pulled me over to  a trendy (obviously) couch in the “Shoe Salon.” Probably something in relation to her employment with Delta for 10 years, she handed me a beverage with a napkin. Just being in her store made me feel like I was on a cloud. She told me how her and her six employees enjoy making Fargo’s people beautiful, one woman at a time (and now men too!)

Laura Reynolds of Reynolds Law Office (www.laurareynoldslaw.com) is proof it’s never too late to accomplish dreams. Reynolds should serve as a great inspiration to anyone feeling “stuck” in a career or in their life. Reynolds fearlessly managed to raise two children and earn several degrees, eventually achieving her highest goal: open her own practice. Her goal setting is an excellent illustration of how a challenge and belief you’ll be successful can impact your life. What a strong lady!

Melba Wenthin of Works of Light (701.235.3426) sat with me in her lamp shop to visit about her passion. At her shop, she restores and repairs vintage lighting. Her custom work is extraordinary. Not only does she love her work, but she’s a prime example of someone who truly cares about her customers. It was apparent when she took interest in my career path, my hobbies. She cared enough to ask me questions and request a future visit. When I told her I hoped to find myself on a similar path as hers some day, she answered with confidence, “you will.”  There was no smile. She didn’t look away or blink or laugh. She meant it.

I almost fell over.

She doesn’t know it, but I literally had to run for the door, eyes blurry from the tears that came over me for the next half hour.

I continuously repeated the phrase.

“You will.”  Fresh tears….

“You will.”  More tears….

“You will.”  Audible crying…

I might sound like a total girl, but nonetheless, a girl with dreams of making a career outside of a cubical.

Wenthin, Reynolds and Lee were all an inspiration to take that step when the timing is right.

What a privilege it was to visit with these women. Their stories are great. Their spirit is amazing. And their work and lifestyles are awe-inspiring. To read more, pick up The Forum this Sunday, August 14th. There you’ll find the complete stories, and perhaps be inspired yourself.


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  1. You will! Now don’t wait for another person to say it… say it to yourself. You will! People have overcome greater obstacles than yours. You will! Those women are AMAZING and so are you. You will! It’s up to you now. Will you?

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