Still On The Radar

I haven’t posted for a while. I’m sure everyone has noticed, missed it, and is likely a little broken up about it.

Well, so am I. Turns out, things really change when you make a change.  I swapped jobs three months ago – moving from newspaper to marketing – and now what had been part of my usual work routine (shooting the wit) has been put on the back burner.  It turns out writing after a full day of writing just isn’t that enticing.

But! I’ll press on. I’ll keep posting. How else would I inform thousands of people of semi-meaningless events in my life, vent about my brother and go a bit too far with personal details? Oh get over it. There’s a reason you read, right? And it’s not because I ever discuss anything “important” like “politics” or “weight loss”.

A few things I’ve been meaning to write about and hope to soon:

  • The 81-0n-81 run.  Have you heard about this? It has GOT to be a joke, some awful form of fraud or a result of that “runners high” people talk about. I will pray for each and every person who spends their dollars on this and runs on back roads throughout the night. Sounds like a scam to me. A scam involving two of my biggest fears: crickets and rapists. They’re out there, folks. Sign up for this race, and you’ll pay to meet them.
  • I’m not an ifan. I own zero Apple products. Unless you count my pies.
  • I took it upon myself to sign up for a “lunch buddy” program where I meet with a 4th grader every week. I did it because… I don’t know why I did it. Basically this fear of kids needs to go away.  But, wow. This poor girl. I feel bad for her. I embarrass her more and more every week.  Four square? Ahh HELL YEAH!!
  • My sister gave me a “neat” paperweight for Christmas. Honestly, I’ve never understood the purpose of paperweights unless you’re filing your taxes in a turkey barn, but it’s nifty. It has pens on it and a saying from Benjamin Franklin: “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” If he only knew a blog such as this exists.  Anyway, this isn’t about him.  What was the message behind this gift from my sister??
  • I haven’t filed my taxes yet and really don’t feel like I should have to.

So anyway, I just wanted to be sure readers know “Shootin’ the Wit” is still on the radar and extremely irregular postings from here on out can be expected but will never go away.  Unless, of course, I get roped into doing that 81-on-81 run…

Shootin’ the Wit is a sporadic column about everyday life that should never, ever be taken too seriously.

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  1. Julie

    Was so happy to see your blog update this morning! I am definitely watching for more… Hope you’re doing fabulous in your new endeavor (I’m sure you are)!

  2. Travis

    Are you taking any recommendations on topics? You should provide us a link that would submit to you a topic we, your fans, would like to hear your take on.

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