Observing An Ultra-Miracle

Yesterday was nuts. I think most can relate.

It started in the wee hours of the morning with “the news” and continued with the daily puzzle. Sprinkle in some personal reflection and top it with everyone’s unsolicited two-cents on the recent political noise, and the day was buzzing. It felt like that carnival ride where you’re locked inside a spinning space ship. The one you couldn’t escape from if you wanted to… the ‘Gravitron,’ is it?

Amidst the buzz, I recalled a lunchtime invite from my sister. She is pregnant with her second child. The baby – expected within 8 days – will be her second son. For the past few weeks, she has offered to pick me up from work so the two of us can spend our lunch hour together at one of her many appointments. She’s admitted she’s being selfish. The appointment is boring and she just wants company.

She gave me plenty of outs – explaining it probably wouldn’t be that interesting. But yesterday was a different appointment – her ultrasound. I’d seen pictures and scenes from movies (like that Friends episode where Rachel can’t spot the baby and feels like a bad mom), but never in person. So, I slipped into the hospital room with my sister and brother-in-law, fully knowing I’d be the Rachel in the room.

The nurse began scanning my sister’s mound of a belly and we all anxiously stared at the screen.

The nurse took several pictures and measurements. His head. Spine. Belly.

I leaned back in the chair and smiled. I couldn’t help but think of what this little man’s life would be like.

“Here’s his femur,” she said at one point.

Would he be an athlete? Might he clumsily break a bone at some point?

“One of his hands.”

Would he one day wear a wedding band? Will he serve his county? Invent something?

“His boy parts. So we can definitely confirm he’s still a boy!”

Oh good. I hope that holds true… forever.

“Here’s his face.”

He looks just like his dad. Will he have the same facial expressions? Will he, unlike his dad, be man enough to admit all my jokes are hilarious?

“And his bottom.”

Oh, so many wedgies that butt will endure – if not by his older brother, by his loving aunt.

“Here’s his heart – beating away.”


There weren’t many words spoken. A comment here and there and all smiles. The buzz was completely gone. I knew it continued strong outside, but that room was completely void of it. For one hour, the spinning stopped and the three of us saw the final touches being made on a life getting ready to make its entrance into this world.

He was absolutely nothing just under 9 months ago. Then a blob turned into perfect parts turned into what we saw on a screen. Now, in just 8 days, we’ll witness his arrival and watch as he becomes a little dude in this buzzing world.

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  1. Bradley A

    One of the best days of my life was seeing my first born’s ultrasound and recognizing it as a growing, beautiful, baby boy. One of the next best days of my life was holding him in my arms minutes after he emerged.
    Well said Laura – I love the way you capture some of the beautiful things in life in words!

  2. G’day, Just got the news that we had lost a good friend and am mindlessly wandering the internet. Ran into your wonderful post. Thank you for the knowledge that my friend will be replaced by someone else who will be just as loved.

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