Observing An Ultra-Miracle

Yesterday was nuts. I think most can relate. It started in the wee hours of the morning with “the news” and continued with the daily puzzle. Sprinkle in some personal reflection and top it with everyone’s unsolicited two-cents on the recent political noise, and the day was buzzing. It felt like that carnival ride where you’re…
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Craigslist Ad Gets Away From Me

For Sale: Ancient Toro Snowblower $5 OBO I’ve had it with this thing. Not only is it three times my weight, this fussy beast also puts off a fuel scent so potent that it lingers on your body after multiple showers. You might get your driveway cleared if this finicky clunker miraculously holds it together,…
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Learning The Ropes

People often talk about the passing of habits and hobbies through generations. Your mom stored coffee grounds in the refrigerator, so that’s what you do. Your Dad loved Fords, so now you’re loyal too. My dad grew up sailing with his family, so he taught his kids to sail as well. In our early years,…
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Stepping Out Of Line In A “get In Line” World

I’ve fallen in love with a barn in Fargo. There is nothing about it that belongs amidst a sprouting development in West Fargo, yet there it stands, white paint chipping, old wood fading with time. Surrounding it, tall grass, big trees and an orange tractor that looks like it hasn’t budged for 50 years. Spare,…
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Fired office worker picking up his belongings

The Truce: My Venture With Unemployment

I was let go from my past job. Before you get all excited looking to eat up the latest gossip, you won’t find it here. I’m not writing to dump on my previous employer. I’m not posting this to get sympathy or rectify anything. This blog isn’t about forgiveness, throwing punches, or anything of the…
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